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All you need to know about the Premier Handball League

After the inception of Indian Premier League, the richest cricket league not only in the country but across the world, there were many leagues that followed across different sports.

While some managed to stay afloat, others faded away. The list is long, Hockey Premier League, International Premier Tennis League being two of the major disappointments.

However, some niche sports like Kabaddi and Table Tennis have been able to make their sponsors happy over back to back seasons. Kabaddi, in fact, was perceived to be a niche sport but the numbers suggest that it has become the next big thing in league sports in India after IPL. Next year, a new league will take place in India - the Premier Handball League. 

In this interview with CEO and co-founder of PHL Manu Agrawal, we try to understand how a sport like handball can make a place in the hearts of the Indian masses, the plan to launch it in India and what would be the challenges to make it a success.