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These Anti-Doping Regulations shall apply to the IHF and to each of its National and Continental Federations, Players, Player Support Personnel and other Persons, each of whom is deemed, as a condition of his/her membership, accreditation and/or participation in the sport, to have agreed to be bound by the present Anti-Doping Regulations and to the jurisdiction of the hearing panels specified in Article 8 and Article 13 to hear and determine cases and appeals brought under these Anti-Doping Regulations.



Doping is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport. The HFI is serious about this issue and is committed to erase this menace of doping. The HFI liaises on a regular basis with 
NADA and other relevant organizations involved in Medical and Anti-Doping activities.

HFI is active in providing advice with the aim to raising the general level of awareness on Anti-Doping issues among athletes and support personnel especially about the health consequences of doping. 

HFI adheres, implements and monitors Anti-Doping information and Anti-Doping provisions. These provisions provide updated and accurate information on the following issues like Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods in the Prohibited List published every year, health consequences of doping, Doping Control procedures and Athlete's rights and responsibilities. Liaison with NADA for Out of Competition Testing and In-Competition testing including reinstatement procedure of athletes upon whom sanctions have been imposed by Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel of NADA. The athletes and their State Units/ Affiliated Boards/ National Chief Coach are being constantly updated of the Sanctions and reinstatement Procedure. 

The HFI vigorously pursues all the anti-doping rule violations and ensures proper enforcement of consequences. 

HFI, in compliance with Rules for Anti-Doping and WADA Code.

As a member of Handball Federation of India and/ or a participant in an event authorized or recognized by the Handball Federation of India, Asian Handball Federation and International Handball Federation, I hereby declare as follows:

I acknowledge that I am bound by and confirm that I shall comply with, all of the provisions of the IHF Anti-Doping Regulations (as amended from time to time) and the International Standards issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency and published on its website.

I acknowledge the authority of the IHF and its member National Federations and/or National Anti-Doping Organizations under the IHF Anti-Doping Regulations to enforce, to manage results under and to impose sanctions in accordance with the IHF Anti-Doping Regulations.

I also acknowledge and agree that any dispute arising out of a decision made pursuant to the IHF Anti-Doping Regulations, after exhaustion of the process expressly provided for in the IHF Anti-Doping Regulations, may be appealed exclusively as provided in Article 13 of the IHF Anti-Doping Regulations to an appellate body for final and binding arbitration, which in the case of International-Level Players is the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

I acknowledge and agree that the decisions of the arbitral appellate body referenced above shall be final and enforceable and that I will not bring any claim, arbitration, lawsuit or litigation in any other court or tribunal. 

I have read and understand the present declaration. 


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