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Premier Handball League unveils Maharashtra Ironmen as its fourth franchise

The Premier Handball League (PHL) on Tuesday announced Maharashtra Ironmen as the fourth team for the much-awaited inaugural edition of the franchise-based league. The team from Maharashtra is owned by Punit Balan of the Punit Balan Group. An avid sports enthusiast and youth icon, Punit is passionate about Olympic sports and has visionary investments in the field of sports, entertainment as well as real estate. He also owns multiple teams in various sporting leagues. "Having stakeholders who are equally passionate and have a vision for Handball in India is a perfect combination for us at PHL. We are delighted to welcome Mr. Punit Balan and the Punit Balan Group on board and believe that this partnership will not only help in restoring the rich sporting legacy of Maharashtra but will also enable the sport of Handball to be developed into a commercially viable product in Maharashtra where the sport is already popular", said Manu Agrawal, CEO, Bluesport Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.